Personal Development

Personal Development Strategy


Personal development is at the heart of our school learning journey. At Mawnan School, we support, nurture and encourage our children to become happy, healthy and confident individuals who are prepared for their future in the wider world. Every member of our school has the opportunity to use their God-given gifts to truly let their light shine. Our vision is to inspire all our children with the knowledge and imagination to develop their unique gifts so that all children can thrive together.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that every child acquires the knowledge, skills and attributes to flourish together in our school, our local community and beyond. Personal development reaches across every area of our curriculum voyage as well as in every aspect of school life therefore forming an important and intrinsic part of our school ethos.

Our whole school approach promotes effective relationships between all members of the school community. The promotion of pupils’ personal and social development underpins other learning. Personal development education helps children and young people to build their personal identities, confidence and self-esteem and understand what influences their decisions. Developing self-understanding, empathy and the ability to work with others helps our pupils to enjoy healthy and productive relationships in all aspects of their lives.


Provision for Personal Development:

PSHE Curriculum

Our PSHE curriculum (including Relationships, Sex and Health Education) is a core component of our personal development offer. Relationships and Health Education is about what constitutes wellbeing and loving care for ourselves (health education), how we show loving care for others (relationships education) and, when at an appropriate age and stage in life, how we show loving care to those we choose to be intimate with, including within marriage (sex education). Link to PSHE Curriculum



Our curriculum extends beyond the National Curriculum and includes a wide range of experiences and opportunities within and beyond the school day. Our club programme is designed to link with and enhance the school curriculum for all age groups from Reception to Year 6. All clubs are run by members of staff, volunteers or coaches who have a passion to inspire pupils and help them develop new skills. Link to School Clubs


Residential camps

Our yearly school camps are for children in years 4, 5 and 6 and these camps aim to build children’s independence, resilience and confidence. These residential camps provide a wide range of opportunities for learning within different contexts and settings. 


School trips

Trips, workshops and visits take place throughout the school year, in all year groups. These experiences are linked to our curriculum expeditions and are planned to enhance the curriculum and bring it alive. When appropriate, we also invite external speakers from our local community to deliver talks and workshops.


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