Oppie Class

Oppie Class is the first Class at Mawnan School and is named after the smallest of the sailing boat family. Oppie is a mixed age class of Reception children who learn within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children who start their learning journey on the National Curriculum.


Oppie Class is taught by both Mrs. Wylie, Mrs. Watson and the fantastic Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Timmins who becomes the teacher whenever Mrs. Wylie or Mrs Watson are out of the class. In these instances Mrs. Bate joins the class as her Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Joule are wonderful 1:1 Teaching Assistants who currently complete our Oppie Class team.

Spring Term- First Half


"Looking after myself, mind body and soul"


Learning all about looking after our mind body and soul will be our focus this terms expedition. We will explore how we experience the world through our 5 senses and discover how we rely on them to make sense of our world and stay safe within our environment.  In doing so we consider how without these senses life can be difficult and would need adaptation. 


The story “Jack and the Beanstalk” will be a theme throughout our literacy and support the topic by creating discussion points for good and bad lifestyle, moral and ethical choices. We will be learning to retell a character study of the Giant and then make our own for Jack before exploring how we could use language to persuade people to climb the beanstalk and then persuade them that it is actually a very bad idea to climb a beanstalk and steal things from the top!


As our learning evolves about persuasion and morals we will discover and contrast the lives and legacies of two incredibly influential women in history, Rosa Parks and Emily Davison whose bravery has changed history and altered how we live our lives today. 


Each week we will concentrate on a different sense and as part of this journey we will have a class perfume factory, opportunities to prepare, make and eat healthy food, explore sound by making our own instruments and exploring pulse, beat and echoes. We will be playing with colour mixing and exploring outside with support from our friends without our sight (leaving us to depend our  sense of touch).


Finally, this term we will be learning about how we are special and get to grips with where we feel we belong- including where we feel our special places are and what they mean to us. In PE on Fridays we will be exploring jumping, balances and rolls in gymnastics before safely learning how to use the climbing equipment.



Oppie Show and Tell Rota:

Show and Tell sessions take place in Oppie Class on Friday mornings. If your child would like to talk about photographs, please send them via tapestry. We would love it if your child choses something topic related that they have found out about, experienced or are inspired by- but we are also flexible so if there is something they would really like to share with us, whatever the subject, the most important thing is that they can talk about it. Each child has 5 minutes which includes 3 questions from their peers.


Spring 2023 Term Oppie Show and Tell

Friday 6th January

William Orla

Friday 13th January

Saffi Ruby Hugo

Friday 20th January

Cali Olivia

Friday 27th January

Hamish Frankie

Friday 3rd February

Wilf Eleena

Friday 10th February

Monty Jessica Logan




Friday 24th February

Grace Ernie

Friday 3rd March

Ted Theo

Friday 10th March

Layla Loke Felix

Friday 17th March

Freddie Percy

Friday 24th March

Isaac Arthur

Friday 31st March

Ella Brody