Oppie Class

Oppie Class is the first Class at Mawnan School and is named after the smallest of the sailing boat family. Oppie is a mixed age class of Reception children who learn within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children who start their learning journey on the National Curriculum.


Oppie Class is taught by both Mrs. Wylie, Mrs. Watson and the fantastic Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Timmins who becomes the teacher whenever Mrs. Wylie or Mrs Watson are out of the class. In these instances Mrs. Bate joins the class as her Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Atkin is a wonderful 1:1 Teaching Assistant who completes our Oppie Class team.

Summer Term- First Half

"All Creatures Great and Small"


This term Oppie Class will be learning about the classification of animals and life cycles. 

We will be doing so by finding out and comparing the difference between animals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. 

As part of this topic we will think about our favourite creatures and how to care for them, whether that is in our homes as pets or how to look after our world for the wild animals. Additionally, we will investigate how animals’ roles have evolved over time; for example, why particular breeds of dogs were bred and why horses were so important in the past.  During PE lessons we will be exploring animal movements through dance and linking balances to make and perform short routines.

We will learn about how creatures come into the world and look at the life cycles of chicks, frogs and butterflies. We will visit the school garden regularly to check and care for out seedlings and observe the insects and pollinators at work.

As our focus is animals we will learn about and listen to bible stories featuring animals including Noah’s Ark, appreciate with awe and wonder Gods world and- “all creatures great and small”. Alongside this we will think about our feelings, good and bad, how they change and develop strategies to help manage our feelings.This will also be reflected in our music learning which will investigate how music can make you feel. We will be developing rhythms which will be practiced and performed in small groups responding to instructions from the class conductor!



Oppie Show and Tell Rota:

Show and Tell sessions take place in Oppie Class on Friday mornings. If your child would like to talk about photographs, please send them via tapestry. We would love it if your child choses something topic related that they have found out about, experienced or are inspired by- but we are also flexible so if there is something they would really like to share with us, whatever the subject, the most important thing is that they can talk about it. Each child has 5 minutes which includes 3 questions from their peers.


Summer Term Show and Tell

Friday 29th April

Ava, Betsy

Friday 6th May

Bella, Cally, Charlie

Friday 13th May

Dawson, Enyon

Friday 20th May

Ella, Eleena, Emma

Friday 27th May

Evelyn, Ernie, Erin


Friday 10th June

Flo, Frankii 

Friday17th June

Jasper, Jasmine, Lawson 

Friday 24th June

Libby, Maple, 

Friday 1st July

Olivia, Orla, Poppy

Friday 8th July

Susannah, Theo

Friday 15th July

Ula, Tilly, Wilf

Friday 22nd July

William G, William H