Oppie Class

Oppie Class is the first Class at Mawnan School and is named after the smallest of the sailing boat family. Oppie is a mixed age class of Reception children who learn within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children who start their learning journey on the National Curriculum.


Oppie Class is taught by both Mrs. Wylie, Mrs. Watson and the fantastic Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Timmins who becomes the teacher whenever Mrs. Wylie or Mrs Watson are out of the class. In these instances Mrs. Bate joins the class as her Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Joule are wonderful 1:1 Teaching Assistants who currently complete our Oppie Class team.

Summer Term- First Half


"The Queens and a new King"


This Summer half term heralds an important moment in History- the King’s Coronation. In order to understand the significance of this event Oppie Class will be learning about the Monarchy, beginning with the question: What is a Monarch? 


We will begin by zooming back to Tudor times to meet Elizabeth I, we’ll find out about her unusual childhood and discover about her significant leadership, her looks and her links to Falmouth. For the Superheroes this will not be new as they will remember how she commanded the British Navy Fleet to defend our shores against the Armada using the Cornish Coast and Pendennis Castle as a vital communication and defence strategy with the lighting of Coastal Beacons.


Following this we will remember our recent Queen Elizabeth II and how she died last year. We will think about her reign and important things we remember about her. This will lead to a week learning about her son, our New King, King Charles III. We will learn about what will happen during a Coronation, where it will take place and prepare to join in with the celebrations taking place around us. 


Our last Monarch of the term will be the steely Queen Victoria. By embarking on her reign we will discover her drive to colonise different nations, and the hard working life of children during her rule.  We will find out why her actions were often not fair as we learn about the British Empire. 


Finally we will compare the Monarchs and decide when we would most like to have lived- or if we are content where we are in history!


Underpinning this expedition will be the geography of the British Isles and further afield. There will be plenty of artwork exploring portraiture using different colour palettes and mediums and the story “Liz’s Hat” will be learnt. The hat will first fly around London before we change it to visit places we know and love. 






Oppie Show and Tell Rota:

Show and Tell sessions take place in Oppie Class on Friday mornings. If your child would like to talk about photographs, please send them via tapestry. We would love it if your child choses something topic related that they have found out about, experienced or are inspired by- but we are also flexible so if there is something they would really like to share with us, whatever the subject, the most important thing is that they can talk about it. Each child has 5 minutes which includes 3 questions from their peers.


     Show and Tell Summer Term 2023

Friday 21st April

Wilf Eleena

Friday 28th April

Cali Olivia

Friday 5th May

William Monty

Friday 12th May

Hamish Frankie

Friday 19th May

Saffi Ruby Hugo

Friday 26th May

Jessica Logan



Friday 9th June

Ernie Felix

Friday 16th June

Ted Theo

Friday 23rd June

Layla Loke

Friday 30th June

Grace Freddie

Friday 7th July

Arthur Orla

Friday 14th July

Isaac Percy

Friday 21st July

Ella Brody