School Emergency Closures

School Emergency Closures

We recognise that the decision to close a school in the event of an emergency (e.g. snow, flooding, no water or heating) significantly impacts upon you, as parents and guardians. This document outlines the agreed procedure which all schools are asked to follow and offers advice to parents on the key things to consider, both before and after the decision to close has been made.

Guidance Given to Schools

Guidance and procedures are sent to all schools on an annual basis, usually at the start of the autumn term. To prevent the possibility of fraudulent school closures, schools are required to follow a verification process before providing school closure information.


Schools are then asked to:

* Undertake a risk assessment, using common sense to determine whether it is feasible for children and staff to remain in the school; and if not, what subsequent risks could arise by sending them home. Before school hours start, schools are also asked to assess if the roads are safe for children to travel to school.

* Seek approval from the Governing Body (usually the decision of the Chair of Governors will suffice) to authorise the decision to close.

* Notify Cornwall Council and the three local radio stations (BBC Radio Cornwall, Heart FM and Pirate FM).

Who to Contact?

If the decision is made to close, you will be notified by classdojo and email. Should you need to contact the school directly, please be aware that the lines may be busy or unavailable when a large number of parents are calling at the same time. If this is the case please email and we will phone you back as soon as we can. 

A full list of all schools closed in Cornwall can be found at:

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