Members of Staff

We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptionally dedicated and hardworking staff team at Mawnan School. 
We work as a team to deliver the best educational experience we can for every child, every day. 
Senior Leadership Team

Jilly Pridmore


Ross Barnes

Deputy Headteacher and Fusion Class Teacher

School Administrators

Ruth Rawley

School Administrator (Monday-Wednesday)

Natalie Cattle

School Administrator (Monday, Thursday and Friday)

Special Educational Needs Coordinator 

Sue Plechowicz


Class Teachers

Lousie Wylie

Oppie Class Teacher (EYFS & Y1) Monday-Wednesday

Alexandra Watson

Oppie Class Teacher (EYFS & Y1) Thursday-Friday

Ellen Churcher

Topper Class Teacher (Y1 & Y2)

Polly Blight

Pico Class Teacher (Y3 &Y4)

Vicki Davies

Fusion Class Teacher (Y4 & Y5)

Ross Barnes

Fusion Class Teacher (Y4 &Y5)

Catherine Prosser

Dart Class Teacher (Y6)

Andy Hatherly

Specialist Music Teacher - Cornwall Music Service

Teaching Assistants

Wendy Timmins

Oppie Class Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miranda Tricker

Topper Class Teaching Assistant

Helen Bate

Oppie & Pico Class Teaching Assistant

Jane Hughes

Pico Class Teaching Assistant

Carol Robinson

Fusion Class Teaching Assistant

Chloe Moon

Dart Class Teaching Assistant

Jasmine Moon

Dart Class Teaching Assistant

Specialist 1:1 Teaching Assistants

Claire Atkin

Teaching Assistant

Angela Alexander

Teaching Assistant

Sarah Joule

Teaching Assistant

Hannah Martin

Teaching Assistant

Non-teaching support staff

Mrs Jacky Law

Breakfast Club Leader and Lunchtime Supervisor