Safeguarding information for visitors

Ensuring that all visitors to Mawnan C of E VA School read this information prior to entering the school contributes to the school’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the pupils.


As an adult visiting this school you have a duty of care towards all pupils.  This means you should act at all times in a way that is consistent with their safety and welfare. If you have a concern about a child, particularly if you think they may be suffering or is at risk of suffering harm, it is your responsibility to share the information promptly with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL,) who at this school are:


Name of DSL: Jilly Pridmore - Headteacher


Name of Deputy DSL:  Polly Blight - Teacher


The following is not an exhaustive list but you might become concerned as a result of:

  • Seeing a physical injury which you believe to be non-accidental
  • Observing something in the appearance of a pupil which leads you to think their needs are being neglected.
  • Witnessing behaviour which gives rise to concern
  • A pupil telling you that they have been subjected to some form of abuse


DOs and DON’Ts


  • If you are concerned you must immediately

o      write down what you observed/heard – using the form available in the staffroom

o      date and sign the account

o      hand the form personally to the DSL or DDSL.

  • If a pupil talks to you about (discloses) abuse you should:

o      Listen carefully without interruption

o      Only ask sufficient, open questions to clarify what you have heard.  Do not ‘lead’ the pupil in any way.

o      Make it clear you are obliged to pass the information on, but only to those who need to know

o      Complete the form available in the staffroom – this must be completed on the same day, dated and signed and handed personally to the DSL or DDSL.

  • You must not:
  • ask the pupil to repeat the disclosure to anyone else in the school,
  • ask him/her or any other pupil to write a ‘statement’
  • You must not inform parents.
  • You are not expected to make a judgement about whether the pupil is telling the truth.


If the behaviour of another adult in the school gives rise for concern you should report it to Jilly Pridmore, HeadteacherIf it is about the named senior officer, you should speak to the Deputy Headteacher.