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We believe that effective communication between  school and  home is essential, and children achieve more when schools and parents work together. Parents can naturally help more if they know what the school is trying to achieve, and if there is a problem, if we do not know, then we cannot act, so please keep us
In our school we aim to have clear and effective communication with all parents and with the wider community. We aim for all of our communication to be clear, comprehensive and timely. Keeping parents well informed about school life reinforces the important role that parents play in supporting the school.

We aim to keep you well informed about the school and your children’s education.  We do this through:

  • The school website.  This is updated regularly with school events and news.
  • Regular weekly whole school newsletter. These are emailed to you every Friday afternoon, it is posted on the website and  paper copies are available from the school office.
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings twice a year. These  take place in November and March.
  • End of year achievement summary (school report)
  • The Class Dojo gives parents and children an opportunity to contribute on class and school events
  • Regular conversations!
Class Dojo

At Mawnan School, we use the Class Dojo App to communicate securely with our families about their children online.  The app offers a social media  style interface which manages the flow of frequent information from school to home.

You will be given a  passcode when your child joins the school which connects you to their child's account - we use Class Dojo from EYFS all the way through to Year 6.

Class Dojo provides an easy way for you to join the conversation. It is secure and personal to our school and provides information in an easy to use format similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Class Dojo has the following main elements:

  • Whole school Story - whole school news, messages, reminders and celebrations
  • Class Story - general class news and celebrations, reminders and updates.
  • Individual messaging between home and school.

We use ClassDojo to keep in touch with you about school events, send reminders, send celebratory messages about learning and community activities.

Class Dojo is only available to parents and children registered at the school.  Parents are reminded that they should not take images from Class Dojo and post them elsewhere online, what is posted in Dojo stays in Dojo. Breaching this requirement will lead to account suspension.

Class Dojo is compliant with the GDPR, here is some more information about privacy on Class Dojo: 

Here's how you sign  up for an account:
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