Collective Worship

Collective worship in our school is firmly based on the traditions of the Christian Church. It is a highly valued and set apart time in the school day and week, where the whole school community can gather together as a school family in a time that is honouring and worthy to God.

Through the teachings of Christ we all share fellowship with one another as one big family. We live our school values and have a special relationship with each other where as a community we look after each other, where we are welcomed and accepted, no matter who we are.

Collective worship is a shared experience that allows for a variety of responses, providing an opportunity for those of any religious faith or none to focus and reflect on stimuli which allow the human spirit to respond with integrity.  Our school is committed to respect the religious communities, or non-religious backgrounds, from which pupils and staff come. We want our times of worship to be an oasis, a place of spiritual refreshment for all.

Together we can grow in our relationship with one another and with God. We come together with Christ at the centre of our school.

Our Collective Worship includes the following sections:
  • Reflection - Lighting the candle and reflecting quietly on the Worship about to begin. 
  • Greeting - greetings include responses and simple prayers to welcome our community to the worship.
  • The Word of God - a reading from the bible or a bible story for younger pupils
  • A story, activity or visitor who helps the community to think about special themes from the bible reading or the story. These are often based on our Mawnan School Values.
  • Response - A prayer linked to the story, activity, theme or value
  • The School Prayer
  • Sing and Praise - A hymn or song to match the theme of the worship
  • Sending Out - a prayer to conclude the collective worship