Oppie Class

Oppie Class is the first Class at Mawnan School and is named after the smallest of the sailing boat family. Oppie is a mixed age class of Reception children who learn within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children who start their learning journey on the National Curriculum.


Oppie Class is taught by both Mrs. Wylie, Mrs. Watson and the fantastic Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Timmins who becomes the teacher whenever Mrs. Wylie or Mrs Watson are out of the class. In these instances Mrs. Bate joins the class as her Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Atkin is a wonderful 1:1 Teaching Assistant who completes our Oppie Class team.

Spring Term- First Half

Staying Healthy: 

Learning all about staying fit and healthy will be our focus for this term. We will explore how we experience the world through our 5 senses and discover how we rely on them to make sense of our environment. Conversely time will be taken to learn how people cope without certain senses such as sight and hearing and how they stay safe without these senses. 


The story “The Elephant and the Bad Baby” by Elfrida Vipont will be a theme throughout our literacy and support the topic by creating discussion points for healthy and unhealthy food choices and prompt our understanding of manners and morals. We will change the story to make sure the Baby becomes good with polite manners and both he and the Elephant enjoy healthy treats as they visit and pay for their shopping. 


As our learning evolves about hygiene, we will learn about the influence of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole on modern medicine and if we’re lucky, through magic and mystery one might pop in and tell us about her experiences!


Each week will concentrate on a different sense and as part of this journey we will have a class perfume factory, opportunities to prepare, make and eat healthy food, explore sound by making our own instruments and exploring echoes, colour mixing and exploring outside with support from our friends without our sight (leaving us to depend our  sense of touch).


Finally this term we will be learning about how we are all special and individual, different occasions that make us feel special and how different religions welcome new babies and children into their faith communities.




Oppie Autumn Term Show and Tell Rota:

Show and Tell sessions take place in Oppie Class on Friday mornings. With the world as it is, we would prefer the children not to bring in objects, instead please send us photographs via tapestry of what your child is going to talk about or they can just talk to us. We would love it if your child choses something topic related that they have found out about, experienced or are inspired by- but we are also flexible so if there is something they would really like to share with us, whatever the subject, the most important thing is that they can talk about it. Each child has 5 minutes which includes 3 questions from their peers.

Friday 7th January

Ava, Bella

Friday 14th January

Betsy, Cally

Friday 21st January

Charlie, Dawson

Friday 28th January

Eleena, Ella

Friday 4th February

Emma, Enyon

 Friday 11th February

Ernie, Evelyn

Friday 18th February

Flo, Frankii-Ann



Friday 18th February

Jasmine, Jasper

Friday 4th March

Lawson, Libby

Friday 11th March

Maple, Olivia

Friday 18th March

Orla, Poppy

Friday 25th March

Susannah, Theo

Friday 1st April 

Tilly, Ula

Friday 8th April

Wilf, William