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Cornwall School Games 2015


Wow! How exciting Mawnan School qualified for the Quad Kids event at this fantastic County event. After a superb performance at the qualifying event held at the Carn Brea track eight children from class 4 headed up to St Austell; Alex, Archie, Hannah, Jowan, Lucy, Miles, Myah and Zara.

After a tricky start due to traffic hold ups and a registration hiccup, the excitement started! With the eight from Mawnan wearing their pink wristbands and blue Penninsula tee shirts they headed over to the loud music joining over 3,000 primary and secondary school children for the opening ceremony.

Rather wet Mrs Bate and the children left for Par athletics track in one of the four athletic buses integrating with other Cornish school children.

Against 15 other qualifying schools from across Cornwall of varying sizes and wearing their individual numbers the children commenced taking part in four events in rotation with one boy and girl from each school. The events were a 600m run, 75m sprint, standing long jump and a vortex throw. The team spirit was great, behaviour impeccable and effort tremendous. With some events not suiting every child, some with injuries, and having to compete against some very strong athletes with their competitive supporters(!) our children showed grit, determination and above all wore huge smiles. The sun did eventually shine however the rain certainly didn’t dampen the enjoyment. As a governor I felt extremely honoured to spend the day with such a great group of young people; thank you Archie, Alex, Hannah, Jowan, Lucy, Miles, Myah and Zara.

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Cornwall School Games 2015




High Fives

Mawnan 2             v         Mylor 9                                               Mawnan 11            v          Flushing 0

Marlborough  1      v         Mawnan  1                                          St. Mary’s 3           v          Mawnan 0

Mawnan 10           v         St. Francis  0                                      Mawnan 11            v          Falmouth 0

King Charles 0        v       Mawnan   9                                         Penryn 0                v          Mawnan 7

Mawnan 8               v       Mabe  0                                              Mawnan  9             v           PAW 2

Constantine  1         v       Mawnan 11




Mawnan N/A          v        St. Day N/A                                         Mylor 5                 v           Mawnan  0

Marlborough  1       v        Mawnan  1                                           St. Mary’s 8          v          Mawnan 0

Mawnan  0             v        St. Francis   8                                      Mawnan 0             v          King Charles 8

Mabe 0                  v        Mawnan  4                                           PAW  1                 v          Mawnan 1

Mawnan 0              v        Penryn 8                                              Mawnan  1              v        Constantine 4

Kennal Vale 5         v        Mawnan 2


Netball Match Reports

24.09.2014 Against Mylor Bridge.

1.10.2014 Against Marlborough

8.10.2014 Against St Francis 

15.10.2014 Against King Charles

22.10.2014 Against Mabe

5.11.2014 Against Constantine 

12.11.2014 Against Flushing

18.11.2014 Against St Mary’s

26.11.2014 Against Falmouth Primary

3.12.2014 Against Penryn Junior

10.12.2014 Against Perran-Ar-Worthal (it will download into your downloads folder) sorry for the inconvenience.


Penryn Partnership Netball Tournament 27.2.2015


Football Match Reports

1.10.2014 Against Marlborough

8.10.2014 Against St Francis

15.10.2014 Against Mabe

22.10.2014 Against Penryn Junior School

5.11.2014 Against Kennal Vale

12.11.2014 Against Mylor

18.11.2014 Against St Mary’s

 26.11.2014 Against King Charles

3.12.2014 Against Perran-ar-worthal


Penryn Partnership Football Tournament 27.2.2015


Basketball Match Reports

Mawnan School A

Mawnan A 28.1.15 Against Mabe and Flushing


Mawnan School B

Mawnan A 28.1.15 Against Mabe, Kennall Vale and Mylor A.



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