Open School


It has been shown that parental involvement in a child’s learning is very important. Even by the age of eleven the influence that a parent can have on their child’s learning is greater than 50%. i.e. the school is less than 50%. Below this age, the influence the school has is even less compared with that of parents.

With this in mind we have started to have “Open School” sessions where parents are free to come and join their children in the classroom. We hope that through this, parents can gain more insight into how their children are doing, and in particular the approach the school has to the different ways that children learn. In this way, parents can feel more able to help their children with any work they may be doing at home.

This year we are looking at Reading during the Autumn term, Writing in the Spring, and Maths in the Summer.
Please see the Newsletters for the times that the sessions are taking place.