Micro Librarian System


We use a computer based system for recording the books that the children read within the school library called Junior Librarian. We find its engaging self service interface encourages children to issue and return their own books.

Junior Librarian is an IT tool that pupils can use every day, for a real purpose. We believe that using Junior Librarian independently encourages a reading culture in school. Children can write reviews (or even video reviews) about books and websites for other pupils to read (once approved by a member of staff … ). A great feature for developing literacy and writing skills! It also encourages other pupils to borrow the book. With Junior Librarian, the library catalogue can be accessed from any internet connected device. Children and parents can access the system from home and the data is compatible with the AR reading System.

There is an APP that allows protected access from any smart phone or tablet device so this information is easily shared and very accessible. The App is free and can be downloaded from the APP store.