Curriculum Information

Curriculum Information (2nd half of the Spring Term 2015)


Over the next half term Class 1 will be learning about staying healthy and our five senses. This will involve experiencing how it could feel to be blind and trusting others to help you, relying on particular senses to identify things, exploring sound and smells (we may well open the Class 1 perfumery at some stage) and if convenient, visit the local doctors surgery, and open a branch of “Mawnan Surgery” in our role play area.

We will be discussing healthy eating– hopefully making and enjoying some healthy food and learn the key features of staying fit and healthy.

During the half term we will also dedicate some time to prepare for Mother’s Day and Easter.


The class will be tackling a short book based topic.

Then there will be one major project for the half term, ‘The Great Fire of London.’

The class will be exploring questions such as:-

What did people wear at the time of the Great Fire?

Who was the King?       What was London like?     Why did the fire spread?

The children will be using books and computer web-sites to discover the facts.

The research will be used as the basis for non-fiction writing.

There will also be work based on:-

Where is London?         What can I see there now?

Looking at maps/Google Earth etc.

The topic will also provide opportunities for art work including models for burning. We hope to have an activity session when the children will be making bread.

At the end of the term there will be some Easter activities including some themed cookery.



History: The Anglo-Saxons. In the second half of our topic we will study the conflict between Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and later the Normans. Also studying the spread of Christianity and learning during this period.

Science: Our new exciting topic is Electricity. Children construct simple circuits and draw them. The class will find which materials are the best electrical conductors and use this information to make switches. Children find what happens to a bulb’s brightness when circuits are changed.



Topic: This term class 4’s topic is – Falmouth in the past.

Literacy: We will be writing a journalistic report and carrying out a short poetry unit called ‘finding a voice.’

Maths: We will be starting the term with some work on fractions. We will be ordering them, comparing them, simplifying them and even adding them together.

History: Learning about Falmouth’s maritime past. This will also include a trip to the Lizard Lighthouse and I have invited Falmouth Art Gallery to do some work with us around their historic paintings of Falmouth.

Science: Finishing off our topic of forces and moving on to electricity.

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