Minutes 19th October 2009


Children’s Council Meeting Agenda   for 19th October 2009


To discuss the Key Requirements for gaining PADL Awards -Bronze.

Minutes  for the 19th October

1  All children vote for school council in secret.  This has been done earlier in the term.  Ok


2.  Everyone has an opportunity to participate in meetings.  We have decided that the youngest children should speak first.

3 Council has a say on what is discussed at the meetings.  The next agenda is set at each meeting. The next meeting to discuss from- disco, dinner and dance,  more footballs  , a making club , more indoor games,  a  lego club, more infant clubs run by adults,   choir for infants,  something different to a disco, more footballs allowed out.

4 Meetings are held at least once a term.  3 meetings for everyone already held.  Numerous officer meetings held.

5  A system is in place for classes to feed into school council meetings including the youngest.    The children feed back to the representatives who bring it to the meeting.  Class 1 can talk to anyone including their teacher.

6  Councillors are clear who the Link Person is.  This is Mr Brook with Lizzie as a back up.

7 The Council inform the school, parents and governors on their activities.  The council inform parents through the newsletter and website.  Mr Brook shares the council minutes with the staff and governors.

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