Children’s Scool Council 13th May 2011

1. Mawnan’s Got Talent: This went really well. A lot of effort was put into the organisation and production by both school council members and non school council members. Well done! Everybody who performed did brilliantly. Children have already started to talk about entering next year’s competition, which shows how much it was enjoyed.

2. We will be organising a disco for Class 1 and 2 with a seperate one for Class 3. We will be holding them on different evenings sometime in the summer term. Dates need to be confirmed as a lot of children have sailing on Fridays which might interfere with the organisation. Thursdays are possible but this needs to be checked as we don’t want very tired children at school on the Friday afterwards.

3.Keep  It Clean.  This was launched in February and everyone has been really working hard to help keep the school clean and tidy and wear the right uniform. Could the school council members encourage all the adults to keep giving out the tags?

4.Class 1 and 2 will hold an event to try to raise some money for some extra wet play toys. This may be a sponsored ‘something’ or a second hand toy sale. This still needs to be oragnised.

5.The chairman and vice chairman are to put together a report for the whole school at the end of the year to show what the council has acheived this year.

6.Mawan Mail Monthly: This will be the school’s newspaper. Thie idea has come from the chairman and vice chair who will initially set up and monitor  the operation of the paper. The key positions will be held by non schoool council members with guest writers each month. Next year, the paper will not part of the school council.

7. One member commented that he felt, as a school council member, he had not had enough input this year and questioned why some jobs were being passed to non school council members. A couple of other members agreed with this. The comment was noted. It was stated that the council had agreed to try to inolve all children at school in their events at the beginning of the year. We would try to strike a better balance in the future.

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