Minutes 28th May 2010

  1. We talked about having a school disco for the Infants and Class 3.
    1. Thursday 15th July 2010
    2. £1 entry and bring a plate of food
    3. 5pm to 6pm for Infants and 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Class 3
    4. We will probably use money raised to help Emma buy some more playing equipment for lunchtime.
    5. We will hold a raffle (tickets and prizes we already have) and donate money to a charity.
    6. Ipods can connect to speakers; we have ‘disco lights’; microphone to be used by organisers only.
    7. We need 6 parents to help out. Mr Brook and Susie will also be there.
    8. Games: Disco Dancing Competition, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Sleeping Lions.
    9. We will need to buy prizes for competitions; plates, napkins, cups and juice.
    10. Posters and flyer for the newsletter need to be done.


2.Walk to school week May 17th to May 21st. This went very well and we had a lot of children join the Walking Bus. Thank you for your help.

3.Save Our Friendships. We will to write some questions to that we can see if any further training of the volunteers is needed.

4.We want to have football posts up at lunchtime for football. We will talk to Mr Brook about this.

5. Mawnans Got Talent: We need to try to find a date for this. Flyers  for newsletter and posters need to be done.

6. Anti Bullying Campaign for all Falmouth and Penryn Primary Schools. Two children from year 5 to attend sessions. This is so that they can carry forward ideas into next year as well.

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