Children’s School Council Latest News 28th February 2011

1.Class 4 Dinner and Dance went really well. Everyone had a good time and it was really well organised. Well Done!

2. Mawnan’s Got Talent: The auditions will be on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th  March at lunchtime to judges only, semi finals on Friday 25th  March when the whole school will watch and finals on Friday 1st April when parents will be invited. We will invite parents to the finals. We have had a good number of entries.

3. We will be organising a disco for Class 1 and 2 with a seperate one for Class 3. We will be holding them on different evenings sometime in the first half of the summer term.

4.Keep  It Clean.  This was launched in February and everyone has been really working hard to help keep the school clean and tidy and wear the right uniform. So far Class 1 has won the K.I.C award every week!

5.We talked to Eden Foodservice about our school dinners. We showed them videos we had taken of children’s ideas. They are going to take up some of our ideas, like having extra types of salad and different types of bread.

6.Red Nose Day is on Fri 18th March. We will have a dress down day for this and ask for £1 donations.

7.Class 1 and 2 will hold an event to try to raise some money for some extra wet play toys. This may be a sponsored ‘something’ or a second hand toy sale.

As Class 4 are visiting the Reserve on Friday afternoons  for a few weeks, we will start holding our Friday meetings again after Easter.

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