Camp 2015


We went on a ramble down to Port Navis. We learnt about the oysters. After lunch we did team building challenges and then ate the first cake. It went down well especially by Euan. The year 5’s girls tent is organised and ship shape. I wonder if it will be the same in the morning. We had spag bol for tea. This went down well. We had a scavenger hunt as the last activity.

The sun is shining and we are all having a fantastic time.


A beautiful morning,- sunny and warm and children woke up between half six and seven. Sausages, sandwiches, cereals and saffron buns for breakfast then off to Low Bar for Canoeing and Beach Explore. The children rafted their canoes together and paddled around a course- all staying dry! We did a scavenger hunt on the beach and built a village for an imaginary creature who had had his village destroyed by a high tide. We then did some rock pooling and found star fish, Cockles, crabs and muscles,-then back to beach for cake. We played lots of tennis in the evening with Reuben having the winning streak. It was homemade fish cakes and pavlova for tea and plates clean. We are all having a fantastic time.


Day 3 (Lilly Pinkneys and Zara’s birthday) and everyone is looking slightly browner and most have had showers. Beans on toast for breakfast with cereals, yum. We went off to Newquay today to do some coastering and mountain boarding. What a day! Birthday girls led the way with the coaster showing us how it was done. Abi did some fantastic leaps into the water too. Helmets, knee/ elbow pads and wrist guards on and we were off ripping it up down the grassy slopes on the mountain boards. Stewart was king of the power slides. Quick cake stop then back to camp with lots of singing on the way, all in very good spirits. BBQ for tea with homemade burgers then more fun with stories and singing round the camp fire with marshmallows. Another fantastic day.


Reuben wrote this in his journal.

“I leapt!

We were in Newquay- Coasteering.  We had travelled by mini bus to the Sports Centre, split into two groups- the other group were to do Mountain Boarding, then taken by mini bus again to a beach near Fistral.

I was on the edge of a rock.

I was nervous.

I was really high.

Penny, our instructor shouted, “COME ON,- LEAP!”

So I did!”

Charlotte Ahearne  wrote


Enya Leigh Wrote

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Nancy Wrote



Abi Wrote


IMG_3100 IMG_3101

Rosanna Wrote

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After all being woken up at 7:15 we had scrambled eggs and cereals for breakfast we were then off to a beach near Hayle for some surfing. Enya-Leigh had the wave of the day, Sienna won the prize for persistence and Kieran was taken back at how much he enjoyed it. Alongside surfing children played volleyball, tag rugby, football and did some exploring/digging on the beach. We then returned to Drift and went den building in the woods. Lasagne with garlic bread and salad for tea followed by Lemon Mousse. Helen Trelease popped up to join in with the after supper games in the marque. This was followed by hot chocolate and more cake before bed.

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