Curriculum Review 25.11.10

Curriculum Review 25.11.10.
Dear Parents,
Curriculum Review

We are at the start of the process of reviewing the Curriculum that the school offers to its children. Maths, Literacy, Science, aspects of RE, PSHE, PE and ICT are fairly tightly prescribed but Humanities, Art, CDT, and other aspects of ICT, RE and PSHE are flexible in content. There are of course certain skills we must teach but the subject matter can vary.
We wish to take all points of view into account when deciding what the new curriculum should be like, and for that reason we would ask you to complete the following survey: Please leave a comment in the comment box below.
Many thanks,
Mr R. Brook, Headteacher.
Curriculum Review
Please comment on the following:-

1. Have you, or do you know of anyone, who has a particular interest or expertise in a subject or aspect of a subject that might be of interest to pupils?
2. Have you any views as to what local attractions/places of interest etc. the school should utilise?
3. Have you any views as to what should or should not be included in the curriculum?

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